Finlandssvensk vardag (2019)

”Celebrities lend their voices to encourage the political discussion in Finland.”

This is a video we created for the think-tank Agenda, where a handful of well-known Swedish speaking finns read out a few excerpts taken from over 3000 stories that Agenda through research and a series of interviews has gathered.

Agenda is a liberal think-tank in Finland. Their view on liberalism builds on respect for the human, the individual freedom and rights as well as social and global responsibility. On a theoretical level Agenda’s activities are trying to solve problems where needed by encouraging the political discussion in Finland.

Thanks to author Kaj Korkea-aho, influencer Rebecka Forsberg, actor Siri Fagerudd, comedian Janne Grönroos, soccer player Anna Westerlund och track runner Alina Strömberg who were kind enough to give these stories a voice.

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