Breaking the Cycle (2017)

”A compelling 58min documentary about the prison systems in Norway and The U.S. shot by our very own, Rasmus Tåg. This project almost failed since the U.S. customs barely allowed the crew to enter the country.”

The Finnish broadcasting company YLE produced this 58min documentary film. Rasmus shot the film on a three-week journey through Norway and the United States. Eva Lingon did the grading for the film as well as edited the trailers and a short version of the documentary. The short version of the film is found below this text.

The documentary tells the story about Jan Strømnes, the deputy warden in the world’s most humane maximum-security prison, Halden Prison in Norway. Strømnes goes on a mission to change one of the most notorious prisons in the world – Attica Correctional Facility in New York State. How will the staff and inmates in Attica receive the Nordic values about dialogue and humanity?

Producer: John Stark
Director: Tomas Lindh
Cinematographer: Rasmus Tåg
Sound: Klosse Wistbacka
Editor: Maija Virtanen

MAKING OF SHOTS by Rasmus Tåg and John Stark


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