KAJ – Pa to ta na kako? (2015)

”This project brought us together with the widely popular group KAJ for the first time. Some of the challenges during the production inlude finding a way to shoot coffee out the index finger of an old lady.”

This is a gig we hold close to our hearts and will always remember with joy. It was our first collaboration with the humoristic pop group KAJ. The result is a Finland-swedish music video with influences from the world of Korean pop. Big ups to the crew behind all the props made for the video, nobody makes lifesize microwave ovens anymore.


Kevin Holmström
Axel Åhman
Jakob Norrgård
Fammo: Kaija Grannas
Faffa: Boris Bränn

Script: KAJ and Eva Lingon
Director: Tage Rönnqvist
Shot and cut: Rasmus Tåg
Gaffer: Klosse Wistbacka
Lighting assistant: Björn Knif
Production assistant: Erik Åhman
Production design: KAJ
Hair and makeup: Anna Vesterback
Choreography: Ida ”Inxi” Holmlund
Illustrations: Alexandra Westerback
Grading: Rasmus Tåg


Making of the video part 1, video by KAJ:

Making of the video part 2, video by KAJ:

BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS by Tage Rönnqvist & Erik Åhman