X3M – Åhi Ån (2017)

”This is the video for the summer anthem of 2017 in the Swedish speaking parts of Finland.”

This is our fourth video-collaboration with Yle X3M. The song ”Åhi ån” was mainly written for the people who have graduated from any kind of school or finnished their time in the Finnish military. With the weather Gods on our side this video was shot on a camping site in eastern Helsinki during the most sunny day of May.

The crew

Fredrika Lindholm, Pernilla Karlsson, Jonas Forsbacka, Jakob Norrgård, Dan Granqvist, Märta Westerlund, Simon Karlsson, Michaela Rosenback, My Tengström, Johanna Dikert, Malena Holmström, Kjell Simosas

Director: Tage Rönnqvist
Cinematographer, editor, grading: Rasmus Tåg
Gaffer: Klosse Wistbacka
Camera assistant: Patricia Wiklund
Lighting assistant: Jocke Levälampi
Production assistant: Mathilda Ekroth
Arti direction: Amie Borgar, Mathilda Ekroth, Eeva Martikainen
Make up: Betty Stolt
Costume: Amie Borgar, Mathilda Ekroth, Tarja Pieniniemi
Script: Tage Rönnqvist, Rasmus Tåg, Roy Mäki-Fränti, Amie Borgar
Producer: Amie Borgar, Yle X3M


BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS by Patricia Wiklund, Jocke Levälampi, Tage Rönnqvist & Klosse Wistbacka

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