X3M feat. Bastupojkarna – Julgrisar (2016)

”Here, we’re tempted to fall for a cliché and declare that it was a challenge to shoot a Christmas video in the middle of the summer, but it’s simply not true, we shot this one in December.”

This is the third music video we have shot for Yle X3M. A Christmas-themed music video to a catchy tune produced by Bastupojkarna and the radio hosts at Yle X3M.


Cast: Janne Grönroos, Fredrika Lindholm, Christoffer Strandberg, Henri Vuortenvirta, Marcus Landgärds, Jesper Petell and the lovely crew at Yle X3M.

Director: Tage Rönnqvist
Cinematographer and editor: Rasmus Tåg
Gaffer: Anders Lönnfeldt
Assistants: Magnus Wikström, Malena Holmström, Lina Berts
Studio technician: Kimmo Kaltio
Art direction: Mika Levoranta, Timo Ojanperä, Nanning Dethlefsen, Karina Savolainen
Make up and hair: Liisa Tulkki
Costume: Amie Borgar, Tarja Pieniniemi
Producer: Amie Borgar, Yle X3M

BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTOS by Eva Lingon & Lilli Berts

Listen to our behind the scenes podcast about the production of this video. In Swedish.