KAJ – Taco hej (me Gu$ta) (2016)

”This collaboration with the pop group KAJ was our very first go at making a onetake- video. It is the result of meticulous planning and we are really happy with how it ended up.”

Our very first go at making a onetake-video. This was our second music video for the pop-comic virtuosos KAJ. We had numerous sitdowns with the boys to make this something out of the ordinary. The video was then shot on a deserted road in Ostrobothnia on a hot summer night. We did seven takes during twelve hours, the fourth one was finally used in the music video. The collaboration with the artists was yet again a hit in every way. “Taco hej!” received standing ovations from the fans.

Making of part 1, video by KAJ

Making of part 2, video by KAJ

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