Min stig – du är inte ensam! (2022)

We teamed up with the people at the Bensow foundation and made a film about their program “Min stig”. The program supports children and teenagers in the age of 7-18, who are forced to live in an environment together with parents that has alcohol and drug related issues. The film shows you the some examples on situations that can occur from the perspective of three different teenagers. The teenagers in the film are actors but the stories are real.

Actors: Livia Wikström, Aaron Syrjä, Jenina Nyström

Director: Matias Nystedt
Cinematographer: Rasmus Tåg
Gaffer: Axel Nordman
Lighting technician: Malin Hemming
First assistant camera: Alex Savander
Make-up artist: Mira Luhtala
Production coordinator: Marcus Landgärds
Producer: Tage Rönnqvist

Editor: Matias Nystedt
Grading: Rasmus Tåg
Sound editing: Klosse Wistbacka

Client: The Bensow foundation
Production company: Eva Lingon Ltd. Oy Ab