Så jävla duktig (2019)

”A documentary series about the highly important topic of performance anxiety among young women today.”

“Så jävla duktig” is a 6-part documentary series produced by Svenska yle and directed by Michaela Rosenback. It is a kind of a vlog-series about performance anxiety told by five young women in Finland. Although the show is mostly built up by footage shot with smart phones by the women themselves, we were asked to join the project on the editing side as well as shooting scenes with a more cinematic feel that would combine nicely with the self-shot-look.

The editing of this show took around 2 months and was done in cooperation with director Rosenback at the Eva Lingon editing dorms in Helsinki. The cinematography was done on location with the characters of the show during 8-10 days on several different locations in the nordic countries.

“Så jävla duktig” was a very exciting process to take part in and both us and the audience found the series to be of high importance and a great piece of documentary story telling.

Watch the trailer for “Så jävla duktig”

All six episodes on Yle areena

The duration of the episodes is around 10-20 minutes and the whole series is available worldwide through this link: