Swallow the Sun – Cathedral walls (2012)

”The drummer of the band, Kai Hahto, laughed when we asked him if he could hit the cymbals from under instead of the normal way. Afterward he recieved lots of positive comments for his special ways of playing the drums.”

The video for ”Cathedral walls” was shot during two days in Helsinki. The first one in a warm cozy studio, the second day in the infernal winds and somewhat hailstormy rains out at the cliffs of Suomenlinna. Even years after this shoot our knees are still shaking from the cold. By far the worst conditions we have ever shot anything in, and thanks to this we got some really nice frames.

Vocals: Mikko Kotamäki, Guitars: Juha Raivio & Markus Jämsen, Keyboards: Aleksi Munter, Bass: Matti Honkonen, Drums: Kai Hahto, Female vocals: Anette Olzon

Woman – Aleah Stanbridge
Man – Antti Peltonen
Dancers – Krista Honkonen, Emmiina Tikanoja & Kaisa Ikonen

Director – Tage Rönnqvist
Cinematographer – Rasmus Tåg
Gaffer – Anders Lönnfeldt
Best Boy – Niklas Laurin
Make Up – Sara Dahlback
Choreographer – Krista Honkonen
Wardrobe – Krista Honkonen
Additional Cinematography – Anders Lönnfeldt
Editors – Tage Rönnqvist, Anders Lönnfeldt & Rasmus Tåg
Grading – Anders Lönnfeldt & Rasmus Tåg
Writer – Juha Raivio
Producers – Spinefarm Records & Eva Lingon